Regina Price – “Light”

I am so thankful to God that He did not give up on my life but He loved me unconditionally and delivered me from a path of darkness and despair.  It is now imperative that I let my light shine so that others may see and experience God’s love through me.  Light represents life and the symbol of joy and life-giving power to all people regardless of their situation and circumstances.  A quote by Ada Adams said, “There is light at the end of the tunnel” and for many people this may symbolize hope of success, happiness or help.  Picking up the pieces after my traumatic experience with shoplifting became hopeful for me when I was introduced to a local librarian who demonstrated light, compassion and guidance as she took me under her wings to complete my mandatory community service hours.  I learned that having someone to be a light as I walked through the darkness of the tunnel made it effortless to keep moving forward to the end.  My light continues to shine so brightly that I must share it with others.


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