Regina Price – “Faith”

Everyone is allotted a measure of saving faith but the spiritual gift of faith is a work of God’s free grace in our lives. As a little girl I remember subconsciously praying to God in faith before I really knew and understood the fundamentals of my faith.  I believed God to keep my family from all hurt, harm and danger and that is what He faithfully did!  Being apprehended by the police at the age of fifteen for shoplifting was a traumatic experience that I had to see my way out in faith.  Faith is not a feeling or just positive thinking it is trusting God’s purpose and plan even when you don’t understand.  I have learned first-hand that this journey called “life” will bring troubles and having faith in God’s word is a lifestyle of trust and obedience not just a once in a lifetime act.   For every test and trial, I had to walk it out by faith and not by sight! I am compelled to share my faith and encouragement with others; it is my greatest desire to see people grow in faith and trust in God the Father and in God’s purpose for us as children.


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