Regina Price – “One on One Author Coaching”

Provide one on one author coaching with inspiring authors on how to effectively and successfully write that book, and observe their manuscript become a best-selling published book.  Start your journey today, become a self-published author.  Becoming an author and self-publisher didn’t come without its challenges; however, it was an amazing experience and a great fulfillment.  I believe writing a book is a need not a want.  Everyone has a story to tell, the question becomes are you willing to share your story with others?  According to a New York Times article, four out of five Americans feel the urge to write a book, yet less than one percent goes through with it.  Writing can open doors you never knew existed such as multiple speaking engagements; becoming a successful entrepreneur, you can leverage your field, grow a sustainable business and build a legacy.  It can be a lucrative full-time career or a viable part-time gig.  Writing is designed to be very therapeutic as it was for me; it cultivates the ability to observe your thoughts and feelings and move past your fears.  Writing a book is not impossible, it is attainable, allow me to help you get started along with the knowledge to execute it and see your book become a reality.


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